original oils, acrylics, WATERCOLORS, giclee prints and imagery on tile

The work within these pages offer the viewer a comprehensive and diverse selection of artistic styles by artist P. Anthony Visco. From the looseness of a quick wet-on-wet watercolor to the realistic detail derived from working more tightly using a wide variety of mediums, each painting is designed to hold your attention. You could consider my paintings having a variety of dimensions including but not limited to being dramatic, dynamic, moody, colorful, textural, subtle, inspirational, creative, bold, and beautiful. No matter what genre you seek, you owe it to yourself to view the body of work within these pages.    

As an illustrator and designer, my paintings reflect the knowledge and wisdom learned through a lifetime of working in the world of creative design. Inspiration for these pieces is heavily rooted  in favorite New England scenes and abandoned objects found in unusual settings. As a recipient of many juried art show awards including First Place in drawing, pastel and watercolor, I believe my primary objective is to insure that my work inspires you...if I can stimulate your senses through my work...then you've made my art a success.

Check out these videos

Dynasty Brushes...

One of my paintings was selected by Dynasty Brushes for their Printed Advertisments and Promotional Video for the company's new 'Water Lily' line of watercolor brushes.

Colour in Your Life...

Watch my interview and Seascape Demonstration Video from the Australian TV program "Colour in Your Life" -- hosted by Graeme Stevenson.

Now offering online classes

For anyone looking for online classes or where to purchase any of my original works, I've made it easy to do. Simply click on this link: www.paintingforpleasure.net to view my original works, videos, or to sign up for online watercolor classes.

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Original Work
Original Work
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Bug Light in Plymouth Harbor
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Videos by P.Anthony Visco

what i do


Including all Waterbased media

Watercolor can be completed using a number of different styles. It may be strictly transparent or include the use of opaque paint.


On canvas and other substrates

The versatility of oil is well documented. The slow drying process offers the artist plenty of time to blend and mix colors.


on canvas and other substrates

Painting in acrylics can be very rewarding because they are extremely versatile, fast-drying and can be used on canvas, board or paper.

Other Media

Pastels, Charcoal and pencil work

I have been successful in producing a wide variety of art in media that includes, color pencils, charcoal, graphite, pastels to name a few.


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